Empowered To Empower You Launches in Washington State

Reported By Davies Chirwa.

Empowered to Empower You is inspired by your initiatives and an endeavor to help our veterans in combat. Lady Jazz Enterprises and Empowered to Empower You presents “Business Paying It Forward; Inspiring Those who Serve Our Country”.

The mission of this signature conference was to gather together all veterans, women in particular, who have served in combat and connect them with local businesses and agencies around the world in an effort to renew, transform, and inspire their intellectual, emotional, spiritual, financial and physical well-being.

 The conference had three objectives: (1) to elevate veterans in combat to an advanced level of leadership to inspire change; (2) to disseminate and impart knowledge that will enhance their lives; and (3) to raise awareness on the importance of connecting men and women in combat in our communities, societies, and around the world.


Lady Jazz is the founder of Empowered 2 Empower You. Sometimes referred to as Lady Jazz,  Ms. Dozier wears many hats in many sectors of the community. Her overall mission is motivating and inspiring people to develop self-enriched lives, through self- empowerment.

Lady Jazz

She is an advocate for those who want more out of life and believes with the right resources and support it will help others to keep moving forward. She has a reputation for turning the ordinary lives into extraordinary lives, mind, body and business. Through her movement BPIF, Businesses Paying it Forward Jazz Dozier has created opportunities for businesses, speakers and member of the community to join forces and give back within their own communities via the ‪#‎BPIF platform, also used for others to vocalize their message, support one another and create awareness around community challenges.

Jazz Dozier empowers people to recognize their dreams and purpose then assists in developing them into real life experiences. She encourages people to build on their strengths, regardless of their situation and expand their developing strengths. She knows how to motivate, regenerate and elevate people to the next dimension in life regardless of their circumstances or who they are. She believes in meeting people where they are and recognizes that “one size does not fit all”. She believes in the power of self-healing through realizing your natural powers and creating a healthier, more fabulous, you. Basically, that it all starts with you.




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