Crystal Brown is an American television personality, writer and actress. Born in Everett, Washington, Crystal was raised by her mother Angela, along with her older brother Brandon. She had an exuberant personality from a young age and was always getting into “trouble.” She began speaking at a very early age, and according to her mother, never stopped.

“She was quite a story teller,” says Angela, “She would tell friends and strangers alike these grandiose stories that they would believe were true. One of those stories ended up with Child Protective Services being called. At that point, I had to teach Crystal the difference between stories and lies.”

As she got older, Crystal began making her own scripts and plays starring herself and her stuffed animals. She decided she wanted to be an actress after watching Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in ‘Speed.’

Crystal performed in plays and short video projects throughout high school. In 2005, she began hosting and interviewing for a small local television production in Seattle. The 25th BET Anniversary Show was the first big event she hosted and interviewed celebrities from the red carpet for local Seattle television. She traveled to Portland, Los Angeles and Atlanta interviewing at red carpet events and concerts. In the Seattle area, she interviewed visiting NBA teams, local and international celebrities. Crystal began hosting and interviewing for A-TV in 2012. She moved to New York City in the summer of 2012 to cover events on the east coast for A-TV.

Other life and career highlights: PE Teacher, Fitness and sports coach/instructor and USA Football player. Contact Crystal Brown:




Elma Mdee is a proud Tanzanian Native who grew up in Kenya, she spent most of her early life going to Boarding school in Kenya, and going back and forth to Tanzania and Australia during breaks. Elma has a passion for the performing arts; in her earlier school life she landed herself several roles in plays such as being a narrator in “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat,” as well as playing “Annie,” in the self-titled play.  Elma also enjoys getting involved within the community. In 2007 while she was attending boarding school in St. Andrews, Kenya Elma received the Headmaster’s award for “The most helpful and kindest student.” Also in 2010 while attending Highline College Elma was elected by the Students Program to be chair committee in an upraising project: Global Action.  And in spring 2010 she won the “Highline Women in Action Award.” In the same year Elma competed for North West African Queen Pageant and was selected as first Runner-Up. Elma enjoys working with others; she is currently in University majoring in Political Science. She hopes to graduate and move on to pursue her dreams to work for the United Nations. She finds that meditation; laughter, music, prayer, positivity and red skittles help her make it through rainy days.




Yoseph Diallo was born May 30, 1993 in Dakar, Senegal. He lived there till the age of 5 and then moved with his parents to Seattle, State of Washington where he grow up. Yoseph is the oldest child out of six, having five little sisters to look after. While living in Seattle, Yoseph, was one of few kids participating in programs involving adult projects, entertainment, theater and even business. Learning and gaining interest in the business he found his passion.

Yoseph attended Chinook Middle school, and Tyee High School he began acting in plays as well as continuing his devotion to playing sports. Early on, though, teachers noted his propensity for clowning around rather than studying. Yoseph, new that he wanted to be an actor at the ripe young age of 14 just never new how to get there. His joy of achieving something was extraordinary. Welling to do whatever it takes was his goal wanting to help his family, friends, and community. A dream of helping the youth, kids and others pushed him far to wanting to do more getting him closer to his dream goal in getting into production.

 Around the age of 15, Yoseph , was writing and performing his own routines, starting up his own shows  (Yoseph Show)  his own website which were heavily influenced by close friends. Which helped him open up more doors as he learned to start up his own ideas of a TV series based show. Making his own scripts and plays starring himself, and close friends. About how “decision making can have a huge impact on someone’s daily day life choices”.  Lead him to run into a verity of good people that helped him with number of video productions (Davise Chirwa).

 Davies Chirwa, the founder of CHANNEL A TV helped Yoseph to bring some of his ideas to life through hosting on a great discussion show he calls TEEN TALK SHOW.  The show has been dedicated to helping teens by  speaking out on issues faced by our Youths of today including other surrounding topics such as drama, social justice awareness, exploring the problems of fear, loss of confidence, Youth accomplishments, and the contributions that they make to the society.  The discussions directly focus not only on the awareness of concerning issues in the community but also provides tools and resources for solutions.

After graduating from Tyee High school, Yoseph immediately realized the need for higher education, and her therefore continued on and went to college to pursue a career in undergraduate studies. He has continued to hone his talent for humor, joking with fellow classmates and friends. In his spare time Yoseph, is heavily involved in making entertainment videos, directing, acting, singing, dancing, doing commercials and even modeling. From time to time he collaborates with his sisters and friends to create and produce original videos. Yoseph, hopes one day to launch an entertainment studio of his own, to provide a place for other young talents to express themselves and create effective creativity through the use of entertainment.

Yoseph, also loves rifling through vintage stores. Helping as many people in the community need of help as he can, writing and conducting interviews for his video blogs, to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. In addition, he has a huge passion for meeting with people, speaking to young kids, and he supports various charities. Also is none for being a strong community organizer having being nominated for the 2012 Visionaries For Justice. For having shown outstanding courage and leadership by organizing a powerful movement in making all port jobs in the STATE OF WASHINGTON good jobs.

Yoseph Diallo has trained and worked with various of people and worked alongside with stars such as Jessica Soss,  Dixie C Bernard, Roko Belic’s from the HAPPY MOVIE,  Raven LaRue Mullenax, Davies Chirwa, from DC production, and Christopher M. Cline from Show Biz production. Along sides working and training Yoseph Diallo, is now of today working his way to being in movies, staring on short films, and being a host on some number of shows. As well working on his next future short. A BIG OUTREACH PROJECT on the making of a TV public broad cast film awareness  video.

 For more information on about Yoseph Diallo visit:




Alvena Willis is a therapist as well as a social justice advocate. Through her Channel A Tv presentations, social media outlets and local community broadcasts, Alvena found a way to transform and inspire a lot of her followers. Merging Psychology and Fashion to promote greater self-esteem and resilient factors in local communities and abroad,  she has continued work with diverse disadvantaged populations ranging from child/family behavioral, women in domestic violence situations to immigrants seeking to overcome barriers to employment, and members of the GLTBQ community by maneuvering the systems. Alvena’s passion for helping other people makes it natural for her to interview folks going through difficulties in life such as depression, marital challenges or loss of life.




Growing up in Sacramento in the 90’s introduced Elijah Johnson to a lot of the urban life style, and also provided him with a wealth of understanding how to coop and get out of many unwanted situations. Elijah saw friends and family members getting into trouble, let that be violence or a lack of sense caused by saver inebriation, but he was more inclined to learn about fashion and politics. He looked towards a few of his important role models; Elijah decided to become a person of good moral fiber. Understanding of his environment pushed Elijah to move to Seattle, Washington to search for growth and change. One thing led to another and Elijah began working with the Seattle Urban Ministry, (SUM) where the Ministry normally serves the people of Seattle and the surrounding cities with help in the form of food, water and the word of salvation. Through SUM he met a verity of good people that have helped him with understanding himself. Elijah began to learn more about King County as he watches change in his local community, but “not enough change”. Understanding the need for change and the focus of speech he decided on taking speech classes so that he may spread word around his community about some of the needed issues that need tackling. He has been amateur modeling since the age of five and he also has directed his life in the art of Acting and film writing. Through the help of good friends Elijah started working on a great discussion show called the Teen Talk Show, hosted by Yoseph Diallo. The show focuses on helping teens through out the country by discussing social injustices and inequity that need to be changed and put to rest. He has also started work on his own show that has yet to be named, focusing on helping the audience with daily problems that they can’t seem to understand, through film he plans to help show others a path through a few of their problems.
“Christ is my motivation, inspiration, and dedication. That is why I choose to help others.”- Elijah.






Entertainment: Before working with Channel A TV, Kaya Chipungu has worked as a Talk Show Host on Afrotainment’s popular daytime talk show, Point Of View and to be switched to Producer, Afrotainment introduced me to the entertainment world, which opened numerous doors as a host.

Hosting: Radio Talk Show Host on Zimbabwe’s popular online radio, ZimOnline Radio on the most popular talkshow, The Kaya Chipungu Show.Kaya has been a host/ red carpet host for numerous events around the USA including pageants, fashion shows, book releases, charity events etc

    • Miss Zimbabwe USA,
    • Miss Africa New Jersey
    • Miss Africa USA
    • Miss Intercultural
    • Miss Guinea North America
    • Museke Music Awards
    • FaceList Awards
    • Downtown Orlando Fashion Week
    • Liberia Fashion Week
    • Noire Chic Benefit Fashion Show
    • Mama Africa Benefit Dinner
    • Book Release Host: Journey Of A Soldier

 Entrepreneur: Kaya loves fashion as she says ” l live, breathe, eat fashion”. She currently works as a wardrobe stylist/personal shopper.

    • She is the founder and CEO of The Style Fan Club, my mission is to inspire women through fashion and to help build self-esteem and confidence. The Style Fan Club was founded in 2011 in Orlando, Florida and its fashion infused.
    • Kaya has had the opportunity to work with artist like Sam Ebako, Cameroonian R & B singer and songwriter based in LA , worked with designers behind the scene at major fashion shows and fashion weeks around the USA.  She also worked for Miami International Fashion Week , Liberia Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Africa Fashion New York, she loves New York Fashion Show, Noire Chic Benefit Fashion Show, Fashionably Alive and Downtown Orlando Fashion Week

Pageantry:In 2010 Kaya was the first runner up for Miss Zimbabwe USA, Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality. In 2011 l was crowned Miss Intercultural 2011-2012 and Miss Photogenic. In 2011 l was awarded the Humanitarian Award for Young African Visionaries.

Humanitarian: Kaya Chipungu volunteers and provides community service to various communities through Channel A TV a Not for Profit Organization, which is geared to restore, rebuild and revive communities through Media Technology.




Juliet Dang is a  Canadian prairie girl who is a PhD of Oral Biology student at the University of Washington, and is an actress/model. She has been acting and modeling professionally since 2011, and is particularly keen on walking the runway. Juliet has a wide range of experience in the performing arts, which includes piano, ballet, flute, and a Tae Kwon Do black belt. She is an active athlete and her activities include rock climbing, yoga, running, weights, and hiking. 
Reflecting on her modeling career, Juliet received a great achievement as Chance Fashion Model of the Year for 2013. She was also 2nd runner-up in the 2009 Miss Vietnam WA pageant.
Juliet is the Online Media Manager and a reporter for MODE Fashion Magazine. As well, she is the Production Chief for Xin Chao Seattle, a Vietnamese magazine for the younger generation. Fashion blog:




Miss Jasmine Cox Phelps, age seven, has been chosen as a State Finalist in the National American Miss Washington Pageant to be held August 11, 2012 at the beautiful Hotel Murano in Tacoma, WA.  The NAM pageants are held for girls ages 4-18 and have five age categories.  Jasmine will participate in the Junior Pre-Teen division with other seven to nine year old contestants.  Jasmine’s reasons for participating in the pageant are to overcome her shyness, improve her communication skills, and earn scholarship money for her college education.  This is her first pageant and she is currently looking for a sponsor and accepting donations towards her pageant participation.

Jasmine is also a young entrepreneur.  At six years old, she started her own cooking show for kids named Jazzy in the Kitchen.  She uses this platform to show novice cooks, children and adults alike, how to make delicious but easy dishes.  Some of her favorite recipes include lasagna, peach cobbler, and blueberry muffins.  She also shows how to make wonderful craft projects such as paper maché lanterns, tissue paper roses, and dough ornaments.  She would like to start teaching a class to show kids and their parents a few easy recipes they can make together.

Jasmine has experience in print and runway modeling.  She has studied ballet, acting, steel drum, piano and guitar.  She aspires to be a pediatrician, a chef, an actress, a model, a musician, a fashion designer, and a writer.  Jasmine, a soon to be fourth grader, has similar interests to any other child.  In her free time she loves to spend time with her family and friends riding her bike or scooter, camping, traveling, and watching cartoons.  Her hobbies include writing lyrics, reading, photography, making art projects, playing her instruments, and of course cooking.  She has been an active participant in her Girl Scout troop for the past three years where she recently bridged from a brownie to a junior. In Girl Scouts she is learning how to be a responsible citizen and participates in community service projects.  Jasmine’s hero is Jesus because he died for our sins.

To learn more about Jasmine, Jazzy in the Kitchen, or her participation in the National American Miss Pageant, you can view her website at or friend Jazzy in the Kitchen on Facebook.  Donations for her pageant can be made at  To contact Jasmine you can email her at or mail a letter to: Jazzy in the Kitchen, 325 Washington Avenue South,#128, Kent, WA 98032


Chuma Musokotwane has always had a passion for people! When asked, “What inspired this passion?” – “Definitely my upbringing!” she would answer, without hesitation. Chuma was born in Vancouver, Canada on October 22 1981 to India and Dorothy Musokotwane. With dreams of creating an enriched life for their children, the Zambian couple moved to Vancouver to advance their education and pursue their master’s degrees. Soon after the family returned to Zambia, her father became a diplomat and relocated the family to Zimbabwe.

 Chuma has been quoted as saying her time in Zimbabwe, helped shape her character as she was exposed to so many different things .Her parents enrolled Chuma and her siblings in numerous after school activities from ballet and gymnastics to horse-riding, piano and swimming lessons. Her parents were famous for their dinner parties and this gave Chuma the opportunity to meet their colleagues and friends from all over the world; helping expose Chuma to different cultures and mindsets at an early age. Chuma loved to entertain anyone who would listen by putting on variety shows filled with singing and dancing. Her all-time favourite past time was cooking with her mother; something has continued to perfect to this day. These experiences nurtured her curious mind, outgoing personality, and love for socializing and meeting new people.

Her family moved back to Zambia after her father passed away in 1994. At this point, her and her siblings went to school in South Africa where she completed high school. In high school Chuma was dedicated to her studies and was involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities such as field hockey, swimming and tennis a sport she excelled at. She was also a part of the school choir for all her years in high school .In her last year of school she received an award for outstanding achievement and contribution to the choir as well as an award recognizing her leadership qualities. When she graduated she returned to Zambia to help her mother run their family farm, until her mother passed away in 2000.

In 2001 Chuma and her sister relocated to the USA to live with her mother’s sister. Chuma  decided she wanted to  honor her parents’ wishes for her to return to  Canada to  pursue her college education , which she did in  2002 .She  relocated to Vancouver BC where she attended college and  pursued an associate’s  degree in  Commerce and  business  Administration. She has been living and working in Vancouver ever since and continues to pursue her love of food,life and passion for people.



Munalula Munalula popularly known as Romeo The Afroking was born September 3, 1991 in Luanshya, Zambia. Right after his birth, his family moved to Kitwe, which by then was the new economic muscle of Zambia because of it’s over abundant availability of Copper.
Romeo TheAfroking attended Prince Charles Middle basic school in Kitwe where his artistic instincts started to blossom. At an early age, Romeo TheAfroking was part of the Anti Aids club where he performed tremendously well and was later spotted and immediately given a slot as one of the presenters for a Kids programme called Fun time by one of the judges at a local inter school competition because of his mighty prowess to shake the crowd with his amazing communication skills via spoken word which back in the day was known as poetry. At an early age of 15 Romeo TheAfroking became the production manager of the youth club at Yar Fm (a popular radio station on the Copper belt province of Zambia), while working also as a part time Dj at Flava Fm (also another popular radio station on the Copper belt province of Zambia). Romeo TheAfroking king later started up a Recording studio called Blak Flame Ent Studio with his childhood friend now popularly known as S.O.K (Slayer of Kings).
Right after completing his secondary education at Mukuba High School, Romeo TheAfroking moved to Lusaka, where he continued his Journalistic journey. After working for Zambia’s major national broadcasting co operations like ZNBC TV, MUVI TV, MOBI TV as an outstanding Youth Tv presenter he later got awarded a bachelors degree scholarship to study in Moscow,Russia in 2010.
Romeo TheAfroking speaks English,Russian, Lozi and Bemba fluently making him indeed an Afroking or as many would say “ a multi lingual King”. RomeoTheAfroking just wouldn’t let his passion wither, even in the midst of a cold weather stricken country like Russia; he still does what he loves. RomeoTheAfroking siphoned funds and built himself his own professional home recording video studio. While studying at the university during the day, RomeoTheAfroking switches up personalities from being a student to being a star on his own Youtube channel called Romeo TheAfroking ( Romeo TheAfroking whose YouTube channel is quickly becoming a trending topic in countries like Russia, Canada, Ukraine, Belarus to mention but a few is popularly known for his mature way of delivering sensitive issues with a spice of humour to it. Not forgetting his undeniable video editing skills in programmes like Final Cut Pro x just makes him the most talented African you tuber/video blogger thus far.
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