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Artist: Etiquette

Song: Tag

Video Director/Producer: Davies Chirwa

Model: Cece Gulley

(Professional Dancer from the Dance Group Kutt “N” Up)


Artist: Prince Desire

Song: Chido Song

Video Directors: Davies Chirwa, Dully Smart & Prince Desire

Model: Chido Dhiliwayo (2011-2012 Northwest African Queen Pageant Winner)

Dedication: This video was a special dedication to Chido Dhiliwayo after she won the Pageant. She was featured in the music video as music was written and performed by Prince Desire sung in Ndebele (Zimbabwean language)

Artist: King Dandy Krazy

Song: Ulubuto

Video Directors: Davies Chirwa

Camera: Dully Smart

Studio Tech: Prince Desire

Models: Thelma Odoh, Nanie C. Memeh, Valerie Wangigi, Sophia Muiruri (Northwest African Queen Pageant Team)

Artist: Lydia Sabane (From The Democratic Republic of Congo)

Song: I Got You

Video Director: Davies Chirwa

Model: Dandy Chima (Nigerian Native)


Artist: David Mukosha (From The Democratic Republic of Zambia)

Song: Everything’z Gonna Be Alright

Video Director: Davies Chirwa

Model: Yoseph Diallo (Senegal Native) & Kevin Lee (From Japan)

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